Patient Centered Medical Home


A Patient-Doctor Partnership

Please join us as together we build your Medical Home.

Children’s Medical Group of Saginaw Bay

A Medical Home is not a building.

A Medical Home is like a “home base” for your health care needs.

A Medical Home includes the way care is given, the people who give the care and

the place where this happens.

A Medical Home is a trusting partnership between the doctor led health care team

and an informed patient.

Having a Medical Home means we trust you to:

As we build your Medical Home you will notice some changes in the way we give your care, but many things will stay the same:

We will continue to:

Over the next several months you may notice that:

Either you or your doctor may end this partnership at any time. If your choose to end the partnership, please let us know and tell us why. If your doctor decides to stop seeing you, we will tell you and tell you why. With your written permission we will give your medical information to your next doctor.

Patient- Provider Agreement

The health and wellness of our patients is a top concern of the Children’s Medical Group of Saginaw Bay.  Providing the best possible care to every patient is our primary goal.  The best way we can meet this goal is if I, your doctor, and you, my patient (with the help of your parents and/or guardians), work together.  This concept is called the Patient Centered Medical Home.  The responsibilities we have are discussed below.

Our Responsibilities to You:

What We Ask of You (and your Parents/ Guardians):